China with Polish Characteristics

August 3, 2008

The new face of Beijing

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It’s only five days until the Olympics and the whole city is taking on a flush of excitement. Out on the streets all the shops and houses have fixed Chinese flags over their door and many streets are decorated with lampions and street artwork. The air in the city cleared up a lot and Beijing suddenly lost its grey and depressing exterior – I never suspected it was the pollution that made it feel so heavy and unpleasant. Right now, the city looks cheerful and full of lingering charm. Like never before, all the little alleys, courtyards and public squares seem to have come to life, breathing and opening up like fresh flowers. It’s a really beautiful city, but we hardly ever had a chance to see it like that. For years, almost everything was lost under grey smog and construction projects. How I wish, the factories and trucks would stay shut even after the Olympics…
The look, the atmosphere, but especially the events are bound to make this month a charmed, unique experience. I plan to blog on a regular basis now and provide an interesting glimpse into the daily life around the Olympics – do keep up with the site.
A quick technical note: quite often the videos I post here seem to be unavailable for viewing, possibly due to internet censorship in China. If you’ll find that regular proxy’s (, tor, anchor free, etc.) don’t help, go straight to where you can see all of my work. The channel ID is: polskipekin.

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